One-day symposium on the origins of life

Globe Institute will be organizing a one-day symposium on the origins of life. The event is to be held on June 30th, 2022, at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters with keynotes presented by international, world-leading experts.

AFM RNA Polymer
AFM image of a RNA polymer assembly produced by wet-dry cycling with a solution of nucleotide monomers. Photo: Tue Hassenkam.

How can life begin?

In what conditions did/can life begin? Did it start in salty water in the ocean, or on land in freshwater? Did it begin with metabolism first, where an energy gradient could generate the molecules necessary for Darwinian evolution, or did it start with heredity first and metabolism later? What was the first molecular system that introduced Darwinian evolution? Were membranous compartments essential from the beginning or did they develop later?

Some of these questions could be misleading because they are flavored by our current understanding of living systems, but all of them reflect the huge gap in our knowledge. A gap that spans from the basic building blocks to the last universal common ancestor. A gap that natural scientists have sought to fill with a multitude of conjectures over the 160 years since Darwin published “The Origin of Species”.

The symposium will present some of the latest results from top researchers addressing different aspects of these questions. We hope the talks will give rise to some interesting discussions at the symposium.

Videnskabernes Selskab
The venue is to be held downtown Copenhagen at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Photo: Lars Svankjær/ Videnskabernes Selskab.

Attendance in the symposium is free of charge but requires registration as the venue has a maximum capacity of 80 persons. Registration should be done by Wednesday, June 1st.

If you have any further questions, please contact