02 July 2019

The Globe Institute has officially opened


On 1 July, the opening of the Globe Institute was celebrated in the Jerne Auditorium at Panum. Dean Ulla Wewer welcomed the approx. 200 new employees to SUND and gave a brief overview of the faculty's activities and strategic objectives.

With a series of short presentations on selected research areas, five Globe researchers responded to the welcome.

"We're very happy to have marked the opening of the Globe Institute together before everyone takes a well-deserved summer break. When we're all back again, we will continue our collaboration with the many practical tasks that follow in the wake of setting up a new department. We will do our best to resolve the tasks together as we move forward," says Dean Ulla Wewer, SUND.

Associate Professor Anders J. Hansen is acting Head of the Globe Institute since 1 July. In the coming period, he will be involved in the work to establish the institute to ensure that the financial, academic and administrative framework becomes operational.

It is now clear which employees will be part of the new institute. All affected employees have been informed by email. However, it is still unclear which administrative staff members will be moving to the Globe Institute or to Faculty Services at SUND. The process for the transfer of administrative staff will start immediately after the summer holidays. Work is also being done to clarify matters regarding IT, teaching, curation as well as which buildings will be home to the research groups at the Globe Institute.

Practical implementation will take time

We will do everything we can to get things right the first time and not cause any unnecessary problems by pushing the transfer through.

Dean John Renner Hansen, SCIENCE

"With the inauguration of the Globe Institute on 1 July, we have taken a big step towards the final result. However, various practical decisions and actions are currently pending, and it could take a while before everything falls into place, for example with regard to rooms and IT systems. We will do everything we can to get things right the first time and not cause any unnecessary problems by pushing the transfer through. This means that all affected employees should continue to work as usual and await further information from their line manager about when and how their practical situation will change. I encourage everyone who is in doubt about the practical changes to ask their manager," says Dean John Renner Hansen, SCIENCE.

Working groups have been appointed to draft a number of specific sub-agreements. For example, the Globe Institute's contribution to the curation of museum objects and to the teaching on SCIENCE programmes. The agreements are expected to be completed after the summer and will be headed by Prorector Bente Merete Stallknecht.