3 December 2020

New Head of Department at the Globe Institute


Anders Johannes Hansen has been appointed Head of Department at the Globe Institute. He has been Acting Head of Department since its establishment and has played a central role in the formation of the new department at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science. Anders Johannes Hansen highlights the importance of maintaining the department’s strong interdisciplinary profile while strengthening the connection to the faculty.

Anders Johannes.
Photo: Carsten Egevang.

Globe Institute, established at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences in 2019, covers various areas of expertise within star and planet formation, evolution, biodiversity, sustainability, disease history and human cultural and genetic origins, among others.

Now Professor Anders Johannes Hansen has been appointed head of department at the Globe Institute. Since its formation, he has been acting head of department, and in his new position, he will seek to strengthen the research- and educational profile that constitutes the department’s foundation as well as the partnership and collaboration with the faculty.

‘We are a very interdisciplinary department, and it is our aim to translate basic research into results that can be utilized by society. That’s why we are very excited to be a part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, which provides us with great cross-collaboration opportunities. If you look at e.g. molecular biology, genetics, data science, microbes and microorganisms, we have a great deal of common ground with the traditional health and medical scientific researchers,’ he says.

'Among others, for years we have worked closely together with Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, who has conducted our protein analyses. So to work with them at SUND is a continuation of a collaboration already in place. The same goes for Department of Forensic Medicine, whom we also know very well. Now we are looking at a potential collaboration with the Department of Odontology, which is exciting as well.’

At the Globe Institute, Anders Johannes Hansen will head a staff of more than 200 researchers, employees and students affiliated with the department. As Head of Department, he will thus draw both on his experience as a researcher and research director, but also on his experience from the Section of Forensic Genetics, where he acted as head of a staff also representing various areas of expertise.

‘It is vital for me to understand the work flows of the organisation and what it requires to conduct research, while at the same time planning and performing for example teaching activities. I will continue to conduct research one day a week, which constitutes an important area of contact with my colleagues and the work they do. I will facilite our research environments and also motivate the researchers to continue to apply their research in outward-oriented activities such as teaching, communication, policy and public sector services’, he says and continues:

‘I am happy and proud that the University of Copenhagen has chosen to establish the Globe Institute, and I look forward to head the department in the future. We have come a long way since the establishment of the institute last year, but building a new department takes time, and I look forward to continue the work we have started.’



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