5 October 2021

Two CMEC professors appointed for the new National Biodiversity Council

forest scene
Photo credit: Jacob Heilmann-Clausen

The Danish Government has established a National Biodiversity Council (“Biodiversitetsrådet”) to provide expert scientific advice to the Danish Government and Parliament.

The nine members of the council has just been appointed, with representatives from five Danish universities, representing five different fields related to the broader issue of Biodiversity.

You can find the press release and the names on all nine members here (in Danish): https://mim.dk/nyheder/2021/okt/her-er-danmarks-nye-biodiversitetsraad/

The CMEC center has two members on the council: Professor Niels Strange from IFRO, representing knowledge in socio-economic aspects of biodiversity, and Professor Carsten Rahbek, representing knowledge in terrestrial biodiversity.

These appointments shows the recognition and impact that the CMEC center have at providing science-based knowledge on this important societal issue.

Niels Strange

Professor Niels Strange


Carsten rahbek

Professor Carsten Rahbek