Understanding vector-borne disease distributions and dynamics in the Stensgaard Group

In the Stensgaard Group we seek to understand what drives global and local patterns of vector-borne disease distributions and emergence. Focus is on quantifying the effect of climate change versus other environmental drivers with the aim to make the best possible predictions about future disease spread and trends.

Structure with semiflooded yard and chickens































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Group Leader Anna-Sofie Stensgaard

Group Leader

Anna-Sofie Stensgaard
Senior Researcher


Group Members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anna-Sofie Stensgaard Guest Researcher +4535336588 E-mail

Name Titel Telefon E-mail
Mita Eva Sengupta External Postdoc E-mail
Erika Thorhauge MSc Student E-mail
Dóra Lilla Onofer

MSc Student