Molecular Ecology and Global Climate Change in the Lorenzen Group

The Lorenzen Group investigates the response of mammal species and communities to past climatic events. The insights further our understanding of the resilience of these species – and of the ecosystems in which they are embedded and interact – to near-future projections of global climate change.








































































































Associate Professor Eline Lorenzen

Group Leader

Eline Lorenzen
Associate Professor

Phone: +45 35 32 12 25

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alba Rey de la Iglesia Postdoc +4535334175 E-mail
Andrea A. Cabrera Postdoc +4535336170 E-mail
Eline Lorenzen Associate Professor, Curator +4526701024 E-mail
Michael Vincent Westbury Postdoc +4535326859 E-mail
Mikkel Skovrind Postdoc +4535335945 E-mail