Earth’s climate and oxygenation history – Dahl Group

The main goal of the Dahl Group is to understand how the biosphere has influenced the environment through Earth history. We combine geochemical analyses, field observations and Earth System modeling to reconstruct O2 and CO2 Ievels in the past and evaluate how life impacts Earth’s climate and oxygenation state.

The history of Earth is recorded in the geological record. Photo from the early Cambrian carbonate platform at Ary Mas Yuryak, Siberia (Photo: A. Kouchinsky).
































Carlsberg Foundation

Danish Council for Independent Research (FNU)

Villum Foundation













































Group leader

Group Leader

Tais W. Dahl
Associate Professor

Phone +45 35 32 23 56

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bojsen-Møller, Astrid Juel Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Dahl, Tais Wittchen Associate Professor +4535322356 E-mail
Zhao, Zhengfu Postdoc +4535324019 E-mail

Name Title
Mengchun Cao Research Assistent
Iris Fernandes Postdoc
Britney Alda Ting External researcher
Mohammad Youssuf Postdoc
FeiFei Zhang Postdoc