Frido Welker

Frido Welker

Associate Professor

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    I am an Associate Professor at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen. My interests is to understand human evolution, in particular the last 1 million years, via the development and application of ancient biomolecular methods, in particular palaeoproteomics. My research utilizes mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics to extract and analyse ancient protein sequences from ancient human and fauna samples spanning several continents and the entire Pleistocene. I have a particular interest in studying the evolutionary relationships between extinct hominins via ancient protein analysis and exploring their behaviour through studying associated fauna remains and zooarchaeological datasets.

    My current research focuses on the recovery and MS-based analysis of fauna and hominin proteins recovered from skeletal tissues. This research is currently supported by an ERC Starting Grant (PROSPER). In addition, I am involved in the implementation of proteomic screening of fragmentary bone assemblages to elucidate past hominin distributions and hominin-fauna interactions across Eurasia, method development to increase proteome size recovered from archaeological remains, and method development to enhance the use of such proteomes to address phylogenetic and physiological research questions.

    ID: 187034807