Katrine Mohr

Katrine Mohr

Special consultant

2012 - 2013 Research manager (maternity cover) at the Section for Bioinformatics, UCPH.
Coordniation of research activities, organising/arranging symposia, PhD school, meetings.
Administrative accounting, website maintenance, contact with a broad range of people, ad hoc tasks.

2007 - 2011Administrator at the EU funded project SYNTHESYS, National History Museum of Denmark. Coordination, arrangements and guidance during guest researchers’ visits to NHMD, subsequent travelling settlements, reporting to the main office in London, budgets, maintanance of ’output’database (2011-2012 maternity leave)

2010 -2011 Teacher in biology at University College Sjælland, Holbæk. Planning lectures, producing teaching material, supervision of projects, planning and performing fieldwork, labwork etc.

2007 - 2010 Work package manager at the EU funded project EDIT. Contact to the international research community, administration, organizing committee for international workshops, reports, building and maintaining database, budgets, national and international daily correspondence, participation in network steering committee meetings
(2008-2009 maternity leave)

2007 Biologist, scientific assistant at Panum Instituttet, Institut for neurobiologi og farmakologi, laboratory studies on rats, immunohistochemi, Western Blot concerning studies of brain hemorrhages

2005 Teaching assistant, UCPH LIFE formerly Kgl. Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole, teaching first year vet-students Veterinary Zoologi during excercices

2005 Biologist, scientific assistant, UCPH LIFE formerly Kgl. Veterinær- og Land-bohøjskole, Institut for Ecology, Section for Zoologi, analysing data on rodents and parasites in Denmark. Assisting public seminar on ticks. Part of Organizing Committée at the international conference ”Snail borne diseases”

2004 Biologist, research assistant, Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory, leader of fieldwork in Tanzania, concerning rodent movements from rural – to urban areas. Live trappings, subsenquent analyses and publishing.

2003- 2004 Biologist, caseworker at Forest and Nature Agency, CITES-section, administration, citizen service, correspondence, applications, legislation, EU meeting in Brussels

1999 - 2000 Researcher/student, Morogoro, Tanzania
Behavioural studies, handling wild rodents, behavioural monitoring (nocturnal video), live trappings, responsible for fieldworkers, salary etc. Treatment and analyzing data, publishing



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