Globe Student Projects


The Globe Institute offers opportunities for Bachelor and Masters projects in a wide range of fields. If you are interested in any of the projects please contact the supervisor. Projects can also be found on the KU Project & Job website. 






  • Genomics and conservation of endangered birds using historical and modern genomes (with Hernán E. Morales)
  • Biological diversity among coffee farms in a biological corridor in Vietnam (with Bo Dalsgaard and Aske Bosselmann)
  • Island biogeography of extinct and extant frugivores of the Caribbean (with Bo Dalsgaard)
  • Effects of disturbance on the pollination of endangered plants in the Anegada, Caribbean (with Bo Dalsgaard)
  • Good shit and bad shit – biodiversity in dung in relation to grazing regimes (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)
  • Tree regeneration patterns and biodiversity in the gradient from forest to open land (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)
  • Effects of restored hydrology on biodiversity and habitat structure (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)
  • Citizen science as tool in conservation biology (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen
  • Conservation genomics of rare orchids in the fragmented Danish landscape (Ida Hartvig)