19 October 2021

News Podcast: The Geobiological History of Earth


Where did the atmosphere come from, and what really created all the oxygen we breathe? Geobiologist Tais Wittchen Dahl unfolds 4 billion years of history including the insane and enigmatic Cambrian explosion, in which life in a short time went from single-celled forms to a forest of incredible structures. Understanding the events of the past may show the way through today's climate crisis.

24 spg til professoren podcast

Danish Science journalist Lone Frank interviews Associate Professor Tais W. Dahl about his research, for her podcast series called “24 Questions to the Professor”.

The podcast episode touches upon multiple subjects, from the formation of the Earth, through microbial evolution and into the world of animals and the colonization of land. It elaborates on what drove environmental evolution and Earth’s changing climate and redox state. Professor Tais Wittchen Dahl, unfolds some of these events and points to how it may help us in the currently climate crisis and in the search for life on planets outside our own solar system.

The podcast is in Danish, and can be found here.