Diversity Programme


The role of the Diversity Programme is to work with the management to identify and initiate actions to improve and support diversity in Globe. ​​

Mission statement:
Academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of all. We recognize that initiatives and actions that support individuals will not sufficiently advance equality. We commit to identify sustainable structural and cultural changes to advance and promote diversity in science.​

Core areas

  • Help improve VIP di​versity (PhD to Professor) with a focus on recruitment and retention at the higher academic career levels.
  • Make actions to improve belonging in the workplace for all employees (VIP and TAP), focusing on the diversity categoriesidentified from the “Diversity at GLOBE" surveys. 
  • Inspire leaders at Globe to improve diversity in their daily and strategic work and planning.​






Chair​ Karina Krarup Sand ​(GeoGenetics)​​


​​Hannah Owens (Biodiversity)​

​Core member Lærke Daniela Kjærsgaard Hansen​  (GeoGenetics)

Core member

​​Hernán Eduardo Morales Villegas (EvoGenomics​)

​Core member

​​Marie-Luise Steinmeyer (StarPlan)​

Core member

Nicolaj Krog Larsen (GeoGenetics)

​Core member

Tharsika Vimala (GeoGenetics)

Interest Members​

Naia Morueta-Holme​ (Biodiversity)​​

Anyone interested in joining the Diversity Ally Initiative is always welcome. Ple​ase contact Karina Krarup Sand​.​​​