Origin and evolution of planetary systems: The StarPlan group

By employing a multidisciplinary approach, we seek to understand the circumstances that allowed for the formation of the terrestrial planets in our solar system, including the preservation of water worlds like Earth, where life has been thriving for nearly 4 billion years.



























































































Group leader

Group Leader

Martin Bizzarro

Phone +45 35 32 23 31

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Amsellem, Elsa Postdoc +45 353-35741 E-mail
Bentzen, Lene Centre administrator +45 353-22343 E-mail
Bizzarro, Martin Professor +45 353-22331 E-mail
Bollard, Jean Postdoc +45 353-21387 E-mail
Bouvier, Laura Claudia PhD student +45 353-30294 E-mail
Canas Portela Costa, Maria Mafalda Academic employee +45 353-21403 E-mail
Connelly, James Professor +45 353-22339 E-mail
Egdalen, Siw Amanda Falk PhD fellow +45 353-35490 E-mail
Frydenvang, Jens Assistant professor +45 353-33923 E-mail
Makhatadze, Georgy PhD fellow +45 353-24851 E-mail
Onyett, Isaac James PhD fellow +45 353-35323 E-mail
Saji, Nikitha Susan Postdoc   E-mail
Schiller, Martin Associate professor   E-mail