Center for Star and Planet Formation (StarPlan)


By employing a multidisciplinary approach, we seek to understand the circumstances that allowed for the formation of the rocky planets in our Solar System and around other stars, including the formation of habitable planets like Earth where life has been thriving for nearly 4 billion years.

Head of Section: Martin Bizzarro



























































































Planet formation theory

Section members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bizzarro, Martin Professor +4535322331 E-mail
Bollard, Jean Academic Research Staff +4535321387 E-mail
Camplong, Cyprien Christian Thibaut PhD Fellow +4535327603 E-mail
Connelly, James Professor +4535322339 E-mail
Dannenberg, Urs Postdoc +4535327464 E-mail
Danti, Claudia PhD Fellow +4535328897 E-mail
Egdalen, Siw Amanda Falk Postdoc +4535335490 E-mail
Flores Rivera, Lizxandra Postdoc +4535327606 E-mail
Frydenvang, Jens Assistant Professor +4535333923 E-mail
Hansen, Poula Eyðbjørnsdóttir PhD Fellow   E-mail
Houge, Adrien Christian R. Postdoc +4535335210 E-mail
Jensen, Ninna Korsgaard Postdoc +4535326410 E-mail
Johansen, Anders Professor +4535321050 E-mail
Kuwahara, Ayumu Postdoc +4535323847 E-mail
Lambrechts, Michiel Thomas A Associate Professor +4535328151 E-mail
Lorek, Sebastian Herbert Postdoc +4535326598 E-mail
Löffler, Richard Julius Gothard Postdoc +4535332629 E-mail
Nielsen, Jesper Andre Erik PhD Fellow +4535334812 E-mail
Nikolajsen, Katrine Wulff PhD Fellow   E-mail
Onderwater, Merel Elisabeth Laboratory Assistant +4535327755 E-mail
Onyett, Isaac James Guest Researcher +4535335323 E-mail
Petit, Antoine Camille Guest Researcher +4535324768 E-mail
Rundhaug, Courtney Jean PhD Fellow +4535322279 E-mail
Schiller, Martin Associate Professor +4535325157 E-mail
Sparrman, Viktor Julian PhD Fellow +4535332611 E-mail
Steinmeyer, Marie-Luise External, Ph.d Student +4535335988 E-mail
Tomberg, Piia Maria PhD Fellow +4535327301 E-mail
Van Maldeghem, Flore Sonja J Postdoc +4535337455 E-mail
Wang, Haiyang Assistant Professor +4535330839 E-mail
Xu, Ziyan Postdoc +4535334257 E-mail
van Kooten, Elishevah Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535333185 E-mail