Impact of life on the geological evolution of Earth - Rosing group

We study the effects of life on the evolution of Earth. The composition of the atmosphere and oceans and Earth’s climate are largely controlled by the presence of life. We hypothesize that the presence of continents, features that are unique to Earth are also consequences of the presence of life. This insight can guide our response to environmental crises. 

Fjord view in Greenland. (Photo: M.T. Rosing)















































Professor Minik T. Rosing. (Foto: Rebekka Knudsen)

Group Leader

Minik T. Rosing

Phone +45 35 32 23 68

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Dietzen, Christiana Postdoc +45 91 33 34 29 E-mail
van Genuchten, Case Postdoc +45 91 33 34 33 E-mail
Dyrberg, Rasmus MSc student E-mail
Steffensen, Tue MSc student E-mail