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We study the effects of life on the evolution of Earth. The composition of the atmosphere and oceans and Earth’s climate are largely controlled by the presence of life. We hypothesize that the presence of continents, features that are unique to Earth are also consequences of the presence of life. This insight can guide our response to environmental crises. 

Fjord view in Greenland. (Photo: M.T. Rosing)





Earth has undergone profound changes during its 4.5 billion years of existence. Some were caused by internal processes (e.g. magmatism), and others by external processes (e.g. changes in Solar luminosity, fall of comets and meteorites). However, metabolism by life, particularly by photosynthetic organisms, seems to rank among the most massive drivers of change. When and how did life emerge on Earth? When and how did the oceans form? When did photosynthesis evolve? How has life impacted the formation of Earth’s continents, and the evolution of the atmosphere and oceans? Can we stimulate life to mitigate global changes in chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans and limit the resulting changes in climate?











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Professor Minik T. Rosing. (Foto: Rebekka Knudsen)

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