Ida Hartvig

Ida Hartvig

Assistant professor

I am a botanist and molecular ecologist, seeking to improve our understanding of central aspects of the biology, evolution and ecology of plant species as well as implement novel molecular tools to improve conservation plans and nature management.
My research areas are conservation and population genetics/genomics, orchid-fungal interactions, plant reproductive systems, species identification and delimitation as well as application of eDNA and metabarcoding methods for species detection, biodiversity assessments and identification of species interactions. 

My current reserach at Center of Evolutionary Hologenomics use orchids and their associated microbiomes as a model system to study the association between wild plant genomes, their microbiont communities and their habitat. 

I have several opportunities for both MSc and BSc projects, with possibilites for both fieldwork and laboratory work, interested students are encouraged to reach out by email.

ID: 21537511