Center for Star and Planet Formation staff

The staff list is organized by first name. 

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anders Johansen Professor +4535321050 E-mail
Claudia Danti PhD Fellow +4535328897 E-mail
Courtney Jean Rundhaug PhD Fellow +4535322279 E-mail
Célia Bresson PhD Fellow +4535326375 E-mail
Elishevah van Kooten Assistant Professor +4535333185 E-mail
Elsa Amsellem Postdoc +4535335741 E-mail
Georgy Makhatadze Research Assistant +4535324851 E-mail
Isaac James Onyett PhD Fellow +4535335323 E-mail
James Connelly Professor +4535322339 E-mail
Jean Bollard Postdoc +4535321387 E-mail
Jens Frydenvang Assistant Professor +4535333923 E-mail
Jesper Andre Erik Roslund PhD Fellow +4535334812 E-mail
Katrine Wulff Nikolajsen Research Assistant   E-mail
Kirsten Kolbjørn Larsen Assistant Professor +4535322179 E-mail
Lene Bentzen Centre Administrator +4535322343 E-mail
Lizxandra Flores Rivera Postdoc +4535327606 E-mail
Lu Pan Guest Researcher +4535330543 E-mail
Marie-Luise Steinmeyer PhD Fellow +4535335988 E-mail
Martin Bizzarro Professor +4535322331 E-mail
Martin Schiller Associate Professor +4535325157 E-mail
Michiel Thomas A Lambrechts Associate Professor +4535328151 E-mail
Natascha Manger Postdoc +4535329950 E-mail
Ninna Korsgaard Jensen PhD Fellow +4535326410 E-mail
Piia Maria Tomberg PhD Fellow +4535327301 E-mail
Rick Verberne Postdoc +4535321058 E-mail
Sebastian Herbert Lorek Postdoc +4535326598 E-mail
Siw Amanda Falk Egdalen PhD Fellow +4535335490 E-mail
Urs Dannenberg Postdoc +4535327464 E-mail
Zhengbin Deng Guest Researcher +4552689568 E-mail