Administration staff

The staff list is organized by first name. 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Søg i Name Søg i Title Søg i Phone
Anders Johannes Hansen Head of Department +4535321133 E-mail
Anne Elisabeth Eckersberg IT Officer +4535329474 E-mail
Gitte Salomon Christensen Administrative Officer +4535321154 E-mail
Leah Elizabeth Winther Hamborg Academic Officer +4535329005 E-mail
Line Juul Larsen Special Consultant +4535333619 E-mail
Linnea Worsøe Havmøller Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Louise Klinge Wejlemand Administrative Officer +4535335568 E-mail
Marie Sihm Teisen Academic Officer +4535331291 E-mail
Oliver Alexander Tafdrup Academic Officer +4535324963 E-mail
Rikke Myhlendorff Krog Administrative Officer +4535321672 E-mail
Sanne Louise Christoffersen Department Administrator +4535327380 E-mail
Sebastian M. Lindqvist Senior Consultant +4535331955 E-mail
Trine Keller Garde Administrative Officer +4535324662 E-mail
Ulla M. Wewer Professor +4535327051 E-mail
Zita Bo Christoffersen Academic Officer +4535328726 E-mail