Administration staff

The staff list is organized by first name. 

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anders Johannes Hansen Head of Department +4535321133 E-mail
Emil Bajraktarevic HR Coordinator +4535328282 E-mail
Katrine Mohr Special Consultant +4535320354 E-mail
Kimm Caroline Olsen IT Officer +4535325204 E-mail
Kirsten Wivel-Snejbjerg Department Secretary +4535331431 E-mail
Marianne Taulo Lund Hansen Academic Staff +4535337221 E-mail
Sanne Louise Christoffersen Department Administrator +4535327380 E-mail
Sebastian M. Lindqvist Special Consultant +4535331955 E-mail
Søren Frikke Nielsen Student FU +4535331910 E-mail