Jacob Agerbo Rasmussen

Jacob Agerbo Rasmussen

PhD fellow, PhD Student

  • Genome Research and Molecular Bio Medicine

    Universitetsparken 13

    2100 København Ø

  • Section for Evolutionary Genomics

    Øster Farimagsgade 5, bygning 7, 1353 København K, 7, Building: 7.206

    Phone: +45 28 71 21 70Mobile: +45 28 71 21 70

I am a molecular and evolutionary biologist with international experience. I have applied a range of different molecular tools to study the interactions between microbiome and its host, using novel molecular tools and analytical skills to combine multiple big datasets in a variety of omics, including genomics, metagenomics, and metabolomics, resulting in information used to develop new molecular based management tools. 

I am interested in deciphering molecular interactions, especially with the focus on holobionts and apply it to livestock productions, like aquaculture, to create a more sustainable production, by utilizing state of the art biotechnology such as metagenome sequencing to boost or modify healthy microbiomes in fish and other production animals.

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