Morten Tange Olsen

Morten Tange Olsen

Associate Professor

Member of:

    The marine mammal ecology and evolution group seeks to document and understand effects of environmental change, pathogens, and human activities on the abundance, distribution, diversity and speciation of marine organisms with a focus on marine mammals, their prey and predators.

    Our research is interdisciplinary with a focus on ancient, environmental and modern DNA analyses, museum collections and observations in the wild.

    We teach Marine Mammal Biology and Research, Molecular Ecology, Arctic Biology, and Danish Vertebrate Zoology, and are always looking for new Postdocs, PhDs, MScs and BScs student to join our group. 

    Current research

    Main research areas

    Marine mammal ecology and evolution

    Environmental change, pathogens and human interactions

    Applied molecular ecology



    Jacob Roved - Pinniped immune gene diversity


    PhD students

    Xenia Weber - Prehistoric population structure and human utilisation of Atlantic walrus

    Maiken Hemme Bro-Jørgensen - Colonisation and extinction of harp seals in the Baltic

    Iben Stokholm - Zoonotic diseases in marine mammals

    Dóra Székely - eDNA for marine mammal monitoring

    Morgan McCarthy - Beaked whale phylogenomics

    Magie Aiken - Exploitation and phylogenomics of Black Sea cetaceans

    Emily Ruiz - Walrus exploitation and genetic diversity


    MSc students

    Stefanie Nielsen - Bearded seal genomics

    Ida-Marie Mollerup - eDNA and trophic interactions in Disko Bay


    BSc students

    Sarah Saboia - Baltic Sea cetacean zooarchaeology


    Marine Mammal Biology and Research (lecturer and course manager)

    Molecular Ecology (lecturer and co-manager)

    Danmarks Fauna (guest lecturer)

    Basic Arctic Biology (guest lecturer)

    Arctic Field Course (guest lecturer)

    Forensic Geobiology (guest lecturer)


    ID: 41891807