Globe student projects

Student working in lab

Globe Institute offers opportunities for Bachelor and Masters students to become part of research projects within a wide range of fields at the institute. On this page you can find specific projects that are open for application.

If you are interested in a project, please apply through the KU Project and Job Portal. You can also contact the specific project supervisor for more information.


You can find more student projects open for application at Globe Institute in the boxes below. If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact the supervisor for more information.






  • Simulating ecological and evolutionary genomics dynamics in small populations (with Hernán E. Morales)
  • Genomics and conservation of endangered birds using historical and modern genomes (with Hernán E. Morales)
  • Biological diversity among coffee farms in a biological corridor in Vietnam (with Bo Dalsgaard and Aske Bosselmann)
  • Island biogeography of extinct and extant frugivores of the Caribbean (with Bo Dalsgaard)
  • Effects of disturbance on the pollination of endangered plants in the Anegada, Caribbean (with Bo Dalsgaard)
  • Good shit and bad shit – biodiversity in dung in relation to grazing regimes (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)
  • Tree regeneration patterns and biodiversity in the gradient from forest to open land (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)
  • Effects of restored hydrology on biodiversity and habitat structure (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)
  • Citizen science as tool in conservation biology (with Jacob Heilmann-Clausen
  • Conservation genomics of rare orchids in the fragmented Danish landscape (Ida Hartvig)





  • Investigating the interaction between the temperature, gut microbiota and animal behavior (with Ostaizka Aizpurua)
  • Fecal microbiome transplantation to induce behavioural changes in mice (with Ostaizka Aizpurua)
  • Global spatial patterns of gut microbiome variability across vertebrates (with Antton Alberdi).
  • Relationship between the gut microbiome and allometric features of vertebrates (with Antton Alberdi)
  • Modeling gut microbiome variation across vertebrate phylogeny (with Antton Alberdi)
  • Recovering ancient microbes from the environment (with Antonio Fernandez Guerra)
  • New methods for evaluating contamination in metagenome-assembled genomes (with 
    Antonio Fernandez Guerra)
  • Microbiome potential in wild plant species in relation to distribution (with Ida Hartvig)
  • Wild orchids and their microbiomes (with Ida Hartvig)