Agriculture research

In the Agricultural research section, we aim to understand the mechanisms behind the relationship between rock flour application and crop response. This knowledge will help optimize the usage of rock flour for agricultural purposes. We also seek to determine the optimal application rates and repetition strategies for different soil types, crops, and climates. Additionally, we focus on quantifying the CO₂ uptake resulting from the dissolution of rock flour, ensuring its eligibility for carbon credits.

agricultural field seen from above




  1. Dietzen, C., Rosing, M.T., 2023. Quantification of CO2 uptake by enhanced weathering of silicate minerals applied to acidic soils. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 125, 103872.
  2. Gunnarsen, K.C., Jensen, L.S., Rosing, M.T., Dietzen, C., 2023. Greenlandic glacial rock flour improves crop yield in organic agricultural production. Nutr Cycl Agroecosyst 126, 51–66.





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Christiana Dietzen

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Dietzen, Christiana Amalie Researcher +4535325771 E-mail
Hambly Barton, Francesca Lucky Academic Research Staff +4535328403 E-mail
Rizzi, Malgorzata Postdoc +4535335813 E-mail
Rosing, Minik Thorleif Professor +4535322368 E-mail

External members:

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Eric Oppong Danso Research Fellow, University of Ghana E-mail
Lambert Brau Professor, Deakin University E-mail
Aydin Enez Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Deakin University E-mail
Klaus Steenberg Larsen Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen +4535337654 E-mail
Lars Stoumann Jensen Professor, University of Copenhagen +4535333470 E-mail