Kasper Thorup

Kasper Thorup



Publication record includes 25 international peer-reviewed publications (15 as first author, 20 covered by ISI), including as second author in Nature, and as first author in PNAS, Proc R Soc Lond B, Oikos, Oecologia, Behav Ecol, Behav Ecol Sociobiol, Anim Behav and J Avian Biol. Responsible co-author on a 880-page book on migration of Danish Birds. Oral presentations on 12 international conferences/workshops with invited talks at two. Reviews for 16 ecological and ornithological journals. Popular communication through 20 popular articles and 10 lectures as well as a number of national features (TV, journals and newspapers). A number of scientific papers featured in international (e.g. BBC, National Geographic, Boston Globe) and national media (e.g. Berlingske Tidende, Politiken, Weekendavisen). Bi-monthly column in Weekendavisen. The PNAS 2007 paper has subsequently been featured on sciencebuddies.org as an educational tool (science-fair projects).

PI on the DTUsat project, which aims to produce a system that can track small birds the size of a cuckoo on long-distance migrations. Project leader on the Danish Little Owl Project, a research based conservation project on the endangered Danish little owl population using conventional radio tracking. Co-PI on the ICARUS initiative (www.icarusinitiative.org) with Prof Dr Martin Wikelski and member of the Steering Committee of MIGRATE (Migration Interest Group: Research Applied Toward Eduation), a US-NSF Research Coordination Network in Biological Sciences.

Extensive experience/training in bird identification, surveys, ringing and capturing of birds as well as satellite-based and conventional radio-tracking.

Appointments: •University of Copenhagen, Post-doc, 2005-present.  Princeton University, Research Associate, 2006.  University of Copenhagen, teaching assistant, 2001

Academic Awards: •Post-doctoral fellowship, The Danish Research Agency, 2005,  Travel grant, European Science Foundation, 2002-04, DTUsat payload competition, DTU, 2005

Committees: •EURING (European Union for bird RINGing) board member, 2009-

Editorial Board: •Ringing and Migration, 2009-


PhD Zoology

ID: 12959