Worldwide Phylogeography of Wild Boar Reveals Multiple Centers of Pig Domestication

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  • Greger Larson
  • Keith Dobney
  • Umberto Albarella
  • Meiying Fang
  • Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith
  • Judith Robins
  • Stewart Lowden
  • Heather Finlayson
  • Tina Blumensaadt Brand
  • Willerslev, Eske
  • Peter Rowley-Conwy
  • Leif Andersson
  • Alan Cooper
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences from 686 wild and domestic pig specimens place the origin of wild boar in island Southeast Asia (ISEA), where they dispersed across Eurasia. Previous morphological and genetic evidence suggested pig domestication took place in a limited number of locations (principally the Near East and Far East). In contrast, new genetic data reveal multiple centers of domestication across Eurasia and that European, rather than Near Eastern, wild boar are the principal source of modern European domestic pigs.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number5715
Pages (from-to)1618-1621
Publication statusPublished - 2005

ID: 90738