Tais Wittchen Dahl

Tais Wittchen Dahl

Associate Professor

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    Welcome to the Dahl Group

    My main focus is the biospheric impact on our planet. We are reconstructing Earth’s climate and oxygenation history via geochemical experiments, observations in the rock record and theoretical Earth system modeling. Coupled with paleobiological records, this allows us to reconstruct the evolution of life and the environment on our planet.

    My group is highly cross-disciplinary bridging planetary sciences, climate science and geophysics with geochemistry. Thus, we are collaborating with research groups nationally and internationally.

    If you are interested in long time scales, Earth history, origin of life and our planet feel free to stop by or contact me by e-mail or phone.

    Updates on the Dahl research group are found here: www.geobiology.dk

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