Animal-Microbiota Interactions in the Alberdi Group

The focus of the Alberdi Group is to study the interactions between domestic and wild animals and the microorganisms associated with them using multi'omic methods. Their research is particularly focused on how such interactions shape ecological and evolutionary processes in vertebrates.

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Antton Alberdi

Group Leader

Antton Alberdi
Associate Professor

Phone: +45 53840119

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Amalia Toffano Research Assistant +4535329693 E-mail
Ana Raquel Andrade Veríssimo Research Consultant +4535325299 E-mail
Aoife Mary Leonard Postdoc +4535337694 E-mail
Carlotta Pietroni Postdoc +4535334841 E-mail
Garazi Martin Bideguren PhD Fellow +4535322979 E-mail
Iñaki Odriozola Larrañaga Postdoc   E-mail
Jorge Langa External Postdoc   E-mail
Kees Blijleven Research Assistant +4535333616 E-mail
Lasse Nyholm Jessen Postdoc +4527638865 E-mail
Marta Contreras Serrano Research Assistant +4535335327 E-mail
Nanna Gaun Research Assistant +4535321679 E-mail
Raphael A Eisenhofer Philipona Postdoc   E-mail