Computational Biodiscovery in the Sicheritz-Pontén Group

The focus of the Computational Biodiscovery group is artificial intelligence in life sciences and supercomputing. 

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Professor Thomas Sicheritz

Group Leader

Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén

Phone: +46 706 572 471

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anastasiya Gæde PhD Fellow +4535337210 E-mail
Bent Petersen Special Consultant   E-mail
Heera Rajandas Guest Researcher   E-mail
Maria Ainara Sistiaga Gutierrez Assistant Professor +4535330650 E-mail
Sivachandran Parimannan Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sumitra Sivaprakasam Guest Researcher   E-mail
Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén Professor +45+46706572471 E-mail
Yukgehnaish Kumarasan Guest Researcher   E-mail
Maria Maddalena
Guest researcher