Hologenomics in the Gilbert Group

The Gilbert Group study life through the hologenomic window – that is embracing the concept that it is impossible to understand the genetic basis of life without viewing it as the union of hosts and their microbiomes.

Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics







































































































































Professor Tom Gilbert

Group Leader

Tom Gilbert
Professor, Head of Section

Phone: +45 23 71 25 19




DNAmark establishes the basis for applying environmental DNA analysis in biodiversity research and nature management.


Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anna Katerina Fotaki Research Consultant +4535330653 E-mail
Christina Lehmkuhl Noer Communications Consultant +4526247090 E-mail
Claudia Fontsere Alemany Postdoc +4535329268 E-mail
Daniel Bilyeli Øksnebjerg Academic Research Staff +4535334823 E-mail
David Alejandro Duchene Garzon Postdoc +4535321084 E-mail
Emily Louisa Cavill PhD Fellow +4535336324 E-mail
Ida Broman Nielsen Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Ida Hartvig Assistant Professor +4535331631 E-mail
Jack Howe Postdoc +4535332648 E-mail
Jenn Rose Master Student   E-mail
Juan Antonio Rodríguez Pérez Postdoc +4535324648 E-mail
Luisa dos Santos Bay Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535326804 E-mail
Mathilde Brandt Spile Student +4535336799 E-mail
Meng Zhao PhD Fellow +4525310159 E-mail
Nuno Filipe Gomes Martins PhD Student +4535322144 E-mail
Rupinder Kaur Ej Efternavn Guest Researcher +4535331825 E-mail
Sarah Mak Laboratory Coordinator +4535336676 E-mail
Sascha Dreyer Nielsen Research Assistant +4535325060 E-mail
Tal Magory Cohen Postdoc   E-mail
Tom Gilbert Professor +4523712519 E-mail
Xin Sun Postdoc +4535328772 E-mail

Claudia Fontsere

PhD student


Lara Puetz

PhD student