Hologenomics in the Gilbert Group

The Gilbert Group study life through the hologenomic window – that is embracing the concept that it is impossible to understand the genetic basis of life without viewing it as the union of hosts and their microbiomes.

Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics




















































































































Our research is only possible thanks to generous funding from a number of key sources.

These include:

  • the Danish National Research Foundation through generous funding of the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics
  • the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (in particular the training network ArchSci2020, as well as numerous Individual Fellowships)
  • the European Research Council (Consolidator Grant 681396-Extinction Genomics)
  • the EU H2020 Innovation Actions (817729-Holofood)
  • the Lundbeck Foundation
  • the Carlsberg Foundation
  • the Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • the Villum Foundation
  • the Danish Council for Independent Research
  • Innovationsfonden
  • the Danish Dairy Research Fund
  • the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund
  • the Norwegian Environment Agency
  • the Swiss National Science Foundation.




















Professor Tom Gilbert

Group Leader

Tom Gilbert
Professor, Head of Section

Phone: +45 23 71 25 19


Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Binia De Cahsan Westbury Postdoc +4535327025 E-mail
Charlotte Amalie Sundberg Engstrøm Student +4535335741 E-mail
Christina Lehmkuhl Noer Communications Consultant +4526247090 E-mail
Claudia Fontsere Alemany Postdoc +4535329268 E-mail
Daniel Bilyeli Øksnebjerg Academic Research Staff +4535334823 E-mail
Homére Jacques Alves Monteiro Postdoc +4535336949 E-mail
Ida Broman Nielsen Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Jack Møller Howe Postdoc +4535332648 E-mail
Johan Filip von Staffeldt Student FU   E-mail
Juan Antonio Rodríguez Pérez Assistant Professor +4535324648 E-mail
Luisa dos Santos Bay Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535326804 E-mail
Maider Iglesias Carrasco Postdoc Marie Curie +4535327796 E-mail
Meng Zhao PhD Fellow +4525310159 E-mail
Nuno Filipe Gomes Martins PhD Student +4535322144 E-mail
Sarah Mak Laboratory Coordinator +4535336676 E-mail
Sascha Dreyer Nielsen Academic Research Staff +4535325060 E-mail
Sergei Kliver Research Assistant   E-mail
Tal Magory Cohen Postdoc   E-mail
Tom Gilbert Professor +4523712519 E-mail
Xin Sun Postdoc +4535328772 E-mail