Mineral facilitated horizontal gene transfer in the Molecular Geobiology Group

The Geobiology Group investigates whether interactions between DNA and minerals could have had a significant contribution to the evolution of life, by combining nanoscale bottom-up approaches with bulk techniques, microbiology and fieldwork. The group essentially aim to test the hypothesis of mineral facilitated evolution of life and implications for the rapid propagation of antibiotic resistance genes in our environments.

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Group leader, Karina Sand

Group Leader

Karina Krarup Sand
Associate Professor
E-mail: kks@sund.ku.dk

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bia Fonseca Ph.d. +4535331330 E-mail
Ioannis Kontopoulos Post Doc 
Xi Chen  MSc Student
Jaime Quesada Sanz MSc Student