Reconstructing past environments using ancient environmental DNA (eDNA) in the Paleo Environmental Genomics Group

The Paleo Environmental Genomics Group (PEGG) focus is to use shotgun sequenced ancient DNA and DNA metabarcoding. The aim is to reconstruct past environments in order to address scientific questions concerning the interaction between past humans – environments – climatic changes and their effect on species distribution, speciation, evolution, population structure and community compositions.


































































































































Group leader

Group Leader

Mikkel Winther Pedersen,
Tenure track assistant professor

Phone: +45 2927 5342

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
De Cahsan, Binia Postdoc +45 353-27025 E-mail
Gu, Zhengquan +45 71 81 02 08 E-mail
Zampirolo, Giulia PhD fellow +45 42 63 45 72 E-mail
Zhao, Meng Research assistant +45 25 31 01 59 E-mail